A Note from the Chairman

The Royale Owners Club is an organisation for like minded members that enjoy a car in the style of yesteryear. It is one that evokes a connection to the times when cars had style and panache.
These models are of course hand built either by the members or in a few cases by the original manufacturer who sadly no longer produces the cars. They have a multitude of drive trains from the Ford 2 litre Pinto engine with four speed gearbox up to the Rover V8 unit with five speed gearbox. In some cases the drive unit is the more modern Ford 2 litre Zetec. One or two Sabres have been installed with BMW engines/gearboxes. The Mazda MX5 engine and gearbox with 6 speeds would perhaps make a good option. Some vehicles have automatic gear boxes of which most are in the Drophead and Windsor models that run both Jaguar straight six and Ford V6 units.

The clubs aim is to gel the members together with a quality three monthly magazine and organised with discounted short holidays in the UK.



Obviously we are also here to help members with any problems that may arise. We have specialist technical members who can help with anything from a build, to an annoying problem, modifications and spares availability.

It is not necessary to own a Royale to become a member of our organisation and we welcome anyone who might be interested in the marque.

We have members from around the world, the furthest being in Tasmania.

If you have any questions which you would like to ask or would like to join our club then do feel free to email via the “Contact Us” page when we will get back to you.

Here’s wishing everyone safe and happy motoring.

Peter Gibbons