Royale Windsor for Sale

I would like someone who has some knowledge of the marque to purchase this car. Someone who would appreciate it and get pleasure from it.
I am looking for somewhere in the region of £7000, but I will be flexible.
I am based in Harpenden, Hertfordshire and my mobile is 07836 702236.

Stuart Bush

A Brief History of this Royale Windsor
Having seen the original demonstrator car at I believe the Newark Kit Car Show in 1998, I
placed my order in June of that year.
The kit was delivered to and built by a Mr Arthur Goldstraw of Winkhill, Nr Leek Staffordshire.
He originally built Beauford vehicles, but bought a Windsor for himself and took mine on
at the same time. He was recommended to me by John Barlow.
Arthur arranged everything, from sourcing the parts, having all the running parts serviced,
arranging the interior fit out, getting it sprayed and finally registering it.
It took just over 1 year to build.
The donor car was a Granada Ghia EFI Auto, 2933cc V6 engine and originally registered
in February 1989.
The engine had an £1100 re-build, I had the auto gearbox re-built and the interior was
upholstered in a burgundy leather.
If you remember the article of November 1998 in Kit Car Magazine about the Windsor, my
car is a direct copy of that, same paintwork, same interior.
I would estimate that I covered several thousand miles in it before work took over and I
stopped using it.
It was last taxed in 2006 and has stood on my driveway ever since.
In the time I drove the Windsor it never missed a beat and was a joy to drive.
That’s the history, now the reality.
It has stood on my driveway, subject to all the elements, for many years and it looks it.
The bumpers are showing rust, the lacquer has peeled away from the paintwork, the hood
is torn, the walnut trim probably needs replacing, the carpets are mouldy and much more.
It is looking a sorry state, but it is definitely salvageable and could be bought back to its
former glory.
It would need to be winched on to a trailer, as, having not move for many years, the
brakes will be frozen on.
There is no point even attempting to fire her up, as this would be foolhardy considering
the years the engine has stood.
I have a file with the costings of everything up until the Windsor was handed over to me.
It is on a personalised number plate JIB 866, which if required can stay with it.