Car of the Week 9

Peter Gibbons beautiful Sabre.

“My Sabre started out, as a part started project purchased from eBay as a redundancy
gift to myself. Allegedly everything was included to complete the car but as
there were so many boxes and bits and odds and ends it was impossible to check.
This was going to be something that gave me a hobby and occupied my time now that
travelling to London to work five days a week was no longer part of my life.
However, it soon became apparent that the task was going to be tough to complete
in my single garage.
The issue was soon resolved. I was offered a new job that made it more viable to
find a builder that knew what they were doing and go back to work, thus this was
the course I decided upon. It sounded easy but long story short the car visited
three companies before it was anywhere near completed and took around two year to
reach the then SVA test which it passed at the first attempt.
It may sound stupid but we had planned a trip to Italy in it and although the car
was completed only a week before, we decided to go with almost no road testing.
We had a few minor issues, but on a trip that covered three thousand miles it was
only to be expected.
The car has a 2litre Ford Zetec engine with an MT75 gearbox. This produces 140 hp
which is ample for a touring car and will cruise happily at 70 mph all day.”